Since the inception of our company in 1987, we begin our business in Generic Pharmaceutical distribution by representing pharmaceutical manufacturers from the U.S.A., Europe and Asian continent. We have well positioned a distinct presence in numerous therapeutic segments of generic pharmaceuticals. After more than three decades of hard work, we have earned widespread recognition from local Medical Practitioner, Pharmacists, Chain-stores group, Drug Stores and Distributors, and have played a key role as a reliable source and supplier of broad range health care products including: Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Pesticides & Insecticides as well as Medical Device products.

To strengthen our market share in Hong Kong and Macau, we continue to invest vigorously in upgrading our facilities, developing more innovative products, and adding more talented employee to our team. We always seek for new opportunity and are prepared to cope with highly competitive and ever changing market demand.